Previous projects

Commercial Application Development

Signpost101 is an easy to use, comprehensive wayfinding solution design to direct, inform & manage visitors and staff. As the name suggests this will help a visitor to "find the way” to their destination. This is done via an interactive map that plots the course between point A and point B, this is generally presented as a floorplan with a guideline.

Signpost101 has a web-based, password protected and secure updating system - which means any computer that has Internet access can be used for updating and because the content is dynamic it's instantly up to date and current.

Signpost 101 is affordable, easy to install and easy to use solution which has the added benefit that when no-one is touching the screen it can act just like any other digital sign or display. Ideal for use as a: Hospital Directory, Airport Directory, Office building Directory or Shopping Centre Directory.

Childrens interactive titles

Zanyfun and Learn
ZanyFun and Learn is a high-quality interactive “edutainment” environment for children that promotes skills such as problem solving, phonetics arts and creativity all in a fun and exciting way.

Suitable for children aged four and up, it allows children to enjoy their computer time while learning information and skills they will remember and use throughout their life. The design of the series was to educate children about important “everyday” topics, and the result is a colourful and interactive foray into exciting topics. The first ten titles in the range include:

• Dinosaurs                   • At the Zoo
• On the Farm               • Pet Care (Birds & Dogs)
• Horses                        • Pet Care (cats & Fish)
• Our Solar System       • At the Circus
• Transport                    • Under the Sea

Custom application development

Etnies - a leading footware brand.
Imagine an application that allowed a user to build a pair of customized shoes right before their eyes, then pay for them and then 4 weeks later have their customised shoes delivered to them.

That is exactly what this application does, the user can select their shoe type and then customize all the features on that shoe including, the color, color of the laces, the infill patterns, the heel color etc. Once they finished coloring their shoe they could then organize their name to be stitched onto the side and select the appropriate shoe size.

All of this information is then sent through a secured network connection to enable the user to pay for their shoes and the order to be added into the inventory database. This is a unique, eye catching interactive solution.

Branding & design

YourMicroMarket is a new technology company. The brief was to develop a brand that was friendly, eye-catching and appealing, without being over­bear­ing or gran­di­ose. The logo visually links to having a ‘shopping’ basket and fresh produce which is a key aspect of the business model.

A collage with photos of food products was developed for other collateral to compliment and complete the visual identity. In addition to the main interface design of the application, print materials, the web site, advertising templates and banners were all created to provide a vibrant visual language to help customers embrace the brand experience more easily.

Design & engineer

The Balissa large format touchscreen kiosk
We designed, engineered and created this state-of-the-art large format touchscreen kiosk. Designed to not only be a contemporary piece of modern design, it also has a host of innovative features that makes this kiosk a leader in it's class - remote electronic locking - seamless external finish - no visible air vents - internal air conditioning.

The premium ultra-high resolution 46 inch display has a layer of protective safety glass and is designed for easy viewing of pictures and text - from any angle. Not only did we completed the detailed design, we also conducted thermal analysis and performed structural engineering analysis to create an enclosure design that not only provided the desired ‘feel’ but was also extremely durable.

Childrens interactive titles:

The Noah Series
The Noah Series consists of biblical stories with strong appeal for kids - presented using an interactive storybook and nine fun activities, all in an upbeat humourous style. The series has won a number of awards and has been localised into 6 languages for Europe.

There are five titles in the series:
• Noahs ark
• Jonah and the Whale
• Danny and the Lions Den
• Joey and his Coat
• Benny the Prodigal Son