Apps n stuff!

Application development

Companies such as Etnies, Jeep, the Federal Government of Australia, Toyota, NOAA, Fedex Kinkos, Newcastle Coal, Shell Aviation, Queensland Rail and the RSPCA use applications that we have developed.

The applications are as varied as our clients, and cover solutions such as, interactive wayfinding directories, personnel directories, transactions for ticket sales, queue management, 24-hour access to information on products, services and events and key marketing activities such as loyalty programs.

How it looks!

Interface design

A good user interface is more than an attractive looking screen - it's understanding how a user will interact with the product in the real world. Once we understand how a user interface needs to work then we make it attractive and functional, we incorporate branding standards and if necessary create a style guide to enable future development work.

Whatever your platform - desktop, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry etc., design your application with the best UI imaginable.

Got an idea?

Concept development

When you create a concept you are bringing an idea to life. What makes concept art different from illustration is that the audience isn’t generally the end user - Concept art is the blueprint that is used to make more art and then create the final product.

To do this requires a good understanding of the entire project enabling the designer to make decisions about not just the form of the object but also the functionality.


Branding & print media

Print media and branding has been the cornerstone of successful businesses for over 100 years - even the advent of new technologies has not impeded the need to look your best at every opportunity.

We create brands and form a single "look n feel" for all of your communication media, be that website, emails, business cards, publications, printing, souvenirs, etc.

Draw something!


1. To make clear or intelligible, as by examples or analogies; exemplify

2. Archaic. to enlighten

An “illustration” is art that communicates something - a key part of the illustration process is understanding the style that is required for the project - elegant, figurative, colorful, textural. The Illustration needs to capture color schemes and the overall mood and feel of the project.

Fun stuff!

Games development

We can develop a game or range of games that caters to a wide variety of age groups and demographic of people. The game can take your products and/or message and deliver an exciting multimedia product that includes, World class design, Eye catching graphics, Intuitive navigation, Easy accessibility and Clearly arranged content. The end result is a powerful sales and marketing tool for your organisation that can be displayed across a number of different media formats and operating systems.